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Bastard Stepson Root Beer versus Milk Stout

I am probably going to be making this kit over the weekend. I am not sure I want 5 gallons of hard root beer, I don’t really like it that much. Can I leave it as a milk stout and skip the secondary additions? Do I need to do anything different with it? I am also contemplating adding a measured amount of the extract/sucralose to the last gallon in the bottling bucket to get a few bottles for a friend who really likes it. Is this worth the effort or should I just go with the milk stout (which is one of my favorite styles)? Thanks, everyone on here is awesome

You should really be the one to answer that question. Yer gonna have to drink it. With that said, then why not cut either or both in half? Got an extra bucket? You can then do a side by side to determine why would you do the one you don’t really like or want to have… You’ll figure it out. Sneezles61

Will it be oxidized if I were to split it 2gallon/3gallon or 1 gallon/4gallon in 5 gallon fermenters? It looks like I could get away with less sucralose on the root beer side (most of the commercial varieties seem super sweet to me and I live on Diet Coke). Thanks from a newbie

Rack very quietly, no splashing, pitch yer… Wait, do splash as yeast needs some for their cell growth and metabolizism for splitting/multiplying… After fermenting is complete, then be very quiet whilst racking… Sneezles61

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