Basic ale recipe and minimal time to bottle

It has been many years since I brewed and i have 2 batches going - one I will leave for the 3-4 weeks they mentioned; but I created just a basic ale recipe - liquid malt - 1/2 lb. med crystal grains and hops. what is the ‘minimal’ amount of time that would be needed in the primary fermenter before i could bottle? I realize this is a rather dumb question. Just would like to get 1 batch out that I could sample and have while the other batch is going and then start a 3rd batch in the process. In my old notes - I saw one recipe that was bottle at about 10 days and others were at 14 days. others even longer. Thanks!

A simple low gravity recipe when pitched with plenty of yeast, could easily be bottled or kegged after 10 day, if you are sure fermentation is done.

Ok thanks! I just checked my old notes and i had some that I bottled even earlier and never had an issue and loved the taste and aroma… I may give this one batch a shot at 7 days or so.

Just beware the bottle bomb. As a good rule of thumb, never bottle until you see no signs of fermentation for at least 3 days. And better yet, check gravity when fermentation ends, then again 3 days later, to ensure the readings are consistent before bottling.

I have one that’s 2 weeks old today and I think I could have bottled it a few days ago. It’s an APA, 1.045 OG. The Nottingham yeast I used had it down to 1.012 in less than 48 hours. I let the temp come up a few degrees, dry hopped at the 8 day mark, let it sit for three, racked and cold crashed at ~ freezing. I’m going to bottle tonight or tomorrow. It’s really motivating me to get a used fridge and a CO2 setup - I could be drinking it tonight instead of waiting 2 weeks.

Thanks everyone. Just rusty as to what i used to do even with some notes…