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Barleywine Primary

Hi all -

With kids starting school, yardwork and football season…I managed to let time slip away and have left a 1.092 OG barleywine in the primary for close to 6 weeks.

I’m going to transfer it tonight.

I am a pro at RDWHAHB…but wondering what you all think…

I think the extra couple weeks was good for it. :cheers:

Probably ruined. If you send it to me I will make sure it is appropriately disposed.

My barleywine that I brewed on 7/26 is still in the primary. Gravity samples taste unbelievable. I should probably bottle it soon lol.


barleywine brewed 12/31/2011. primary 1 month, bottled 09/01/2012. First bottle opened 09/22/2012. Smooth, great tan head, flavors of chocolate, coffee, dried fruit, nice alcohol bite on the back end. 8.2% ABV. I think time is this beers friend. If you have no evidence of infection I think you are fine.

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