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Barleywine and Bottling Yeast

making my first barleywine extract. the instructs for the beer say to add the whole packet of yeast to the priming sugar. however the packet of yeast says to add a teaspoon. which should I do?

If you just got done boiling the wort you only add the yeast. Priming sugar is used for bottling.

If you are bottling and it suggests adding yeast, I would add a teaspoon rather then a whole packet.

no it has already sat for 6 months in the secondary. now i am about to bottle it. didn’t know being a higher ABV if it needed more casting yeast than the packet suggested (since the barleywine instructions just say mix the packet)

I guess it wouldn’t matter as long as you are careful with your priming sugar. But I don’t think you would need a whole package.

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