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Barley Wine recipe (Nikko's Wobbly Wine II)

Just looking for some feedback on a recipe. I brewed a Barley Wine in celebration of my son’s birth 2yrs ago. The plan was to break out a bottle around his birthday every year in hopes that one day, we can share a bottle together. I have bottle for year #2 in the fridge chilling right now. I’m now going to brew another… and will try to brew another every other year. The last version had a little too much going. I’m two years wiser and have done more research. I’ve realized simple is better, particularly with barley wines. So here’s what I came up with.

American style barley wine
4 Gallons
60% Eff (estimated)
SG 1.110
FG 1.020 - 1.030
IBU 103
SRM 14
10.5% ABV
0.93 IBU/OG

85% Pale Ale
10% Munich
2% C20
2% C60

2 oz Nugget 60min
2 oz Centennial 5min
2 oz Cascade 5min

Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale

90min mash at 148F - 90min boil

I feel like it’s a pretty solid recipe. Just looking for a little feedback. Thanks in advance!

Also… I’m planning on doing a full volume mash or close to it and then doing a parti-gyle with the sparge. Maybe a saison or something I can ferment warmer since the barley wine will be occupying my ferm-fridge.

I just brewed a version of Denny’s Old Stoner last weekend as a Parti-gyle and capped off the mash with some more grain to create a Pale Ale.

My thread on this should be easy to find and there were some good comments and I posted some “lesson’s learned”

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