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Barley wine recipe and dry hop question

Looking for some feedback on my barley wine recipe and I have a question about dry hopping a beer such as a barley wine. When would I dry hop? I’m planning on 1 month primary, 2 months secondary and a long bottle age. Should I dry hop through out secondary or just during the last week or 2?

(This is for a 2.5 gallon batch. I’ll brew 2x and mix the 2 together to get 5 gallons. Pot limitation size issues.)

malt & fermentables
% LB OZ Malt or Fermentable ppg °L
77% 10 0 Canada M.C. Canadian 2-Row 29 2 ~
15% 2 0 Munich Malt - 10L 35 10 ~
4% 0 8 Crystal 120L 33 120 ~
4% 0 8 Melanoidin Malt 37 20 ~
13 0
Batch size: 2.5 gallons

Original Gravity
1.108 / 25.5° Plato
(1.097 to 1.113)
Final Gravity
1.027 / 6.8° Plato
(1.024 to 1.029)
20° SRM / 39° EBC
(Light Brown to Medium Brown)
Mash Efficiency

use time oz variety form aa
first wort 90+ mins 0.5 Magnum pellet 11.0
boil 20 mins 0.5 Calypso pellet 12.8
boil 15 mins 0.5 Cascade pellet 5.5
boil 10 mins 0.5 Calypso pellet 12.8
boil 5 mins 0.5 Cascade pellet 5.5
Boil: 4.0 avg gallons for 90 minutes

90.3 IBU / 6 HBU
ƒ: Tinseth

Wyeast American Ale (1056)
ale yeast in liquid form with low to medium flocculation and 75% attenuation

10.8% ABV / 8% ABW
356 per 12 oz.

I wouldn’t use Magnum as a FWH - I like an American BW to have a strong bitter foundation, so I would move the Magnum to a boil hop at 60-90 minutes. For dry-hopping, I prefer to do it as late in the aging stage as possible and to use a LOT of an aromatic hop or a blend.

I can move the Magnum. I see your point. For the dry-hop… So maybe dry-hop 2-3 ounces during the last 7-10 days of secondary? I was thinking of dry hopping with Calypso and Cascade to carry the same hops all the way through. My other choices would be Galena, Crystal, EKG, Simcoe, Mt.Hood, Czech Saaz… I realize most of these don’t fit, but am just listing what I have on hand. My thought was to stick with Calypso and Cascade to keep with the American fruity hops.

Yeah, three or even four ounces dryhop, same as the boil hops (maybe 2:1 Calypso:Cascade since Cascade is relatively strong), for 7-10 days at room temp is a great way to go. I’d be tempted to throw a little Simcoe in at the end of the boil and add some to the dryhop, too, but I love Simcoe.

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