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Barley wine bliss!

So I brewed up my first barley wine last November (2011), and I aged it untill June(an exercise in patience to say the least). So here I sit over 10 months after it was brewed, and every day this beer just gets better and better. So awesome to have a beer that is coming up on a year old and still getting better! :cheers:

Sounds like you had better get another batch going!

Awesome and good for you on waiting! I used to struggle with letting beers age properly but I’ve figured out a method that works for me. I keg most beers but still want to bottle the big boys so my trick is that I’ve started doing small 2-3 gallon batches to experiment with recipes which I end up bottling. This way, I constantly have some beer to bottle and never have enough bottles to take care of the big beers. I did my first barleywine in January and have been tempted to bottle the last two months but haven’t had space. Of course, now that winter is coming I think I should start planning when to do it.

What recipe did you use? Just curious.

I’ve been brewing BW for years & never have enough patience to age them properly. all my '08 are gone. I have one '07 left (saving for my oldest son year he was born). only a 6er left of my Big '10 (14.22%!!). and 4 1/2 gallons of my '11. I still need to brew one this year. you have some great patience, which comes in handy in this hobby/obsession. congrats on your BW! brew another soon!

Ummm, I just gonna throw it out there that you are doing fine on your level of patience if you still have a beer from '07. While you may not feel great about it I’d say your at the very least doing better than 95% of other brewers in terms of saving. I might just have to go ahead and make another thread about how old your oldest beer is to more scientifically measure this.

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