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Banjo Burners

I purchased two Banjo burners (NB SKU: 40204) a while back for a brew sculpture I’ve been working on, and one of the burners makes a lot more noise than the other… as if it’s sucking up more air. I’ve adjusted the opening in the rear on both burners for the best flame, and they both seem to be giving off the same amount of BTU’s judging by flame height. One burner is just a lot noisier than the other. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

I don’t personally have a banjo burner, but I wonder if it is the regulator. Try switching the hoses around and see if it is the hose/regulator or the burner itself.

I stole the regulator from the one that wasn’t making much noise and and connected it to the noisy one, and it’s still noisy. I’m guessing it’s something with the burner itself.

I took the burner apart and there was sand caked around the inside, restricting flow. I scraped it off and blasted it with some air, problem solved.

I had a bad performing burner last brew session, had to remove it from the stand and spend some time cleaning the rust and scale from the inside. Works much better now.

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