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Banjo Burner

So last weekend my 2 year Bayou Classic Banjo burner stopped working. The performance on the thing was going down hill for a few months so I wasn’t surprised when it wouldn’t hold a flame. I thought it might have been the regulator so I ran and go a replacement but no luck. My cousin was at the house for that brew day and took the burner apart to see if it was clogged or something. Inside was clean but we think the gasket between the round surface part (where the flames come out) and the cast iron tube(where the gas flows in) either rotted or burned away.
Has anyone ever replaced this gasket before and what did you use.
Also wondering if the risk of not getting the right material/gasket, and not putting it on correctly is worth the $60 of buying a new one. I brew in the attached garage and don’t want to torch the house.

Half the cost of buying from bayou … &sid=&eid=

Oh that is a great price. It’s a no brainer now just going to order a new burner.


Ok after further review and a $12 shipping I can buy it at NB Milwaukee a little cheaper. Dam shipping costs.

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