I located a beer I made in January of this year. It was a Belgian Ale partial mash kit… Was a good beer fresh. But now it is heavy with banana flavor… What would cause the change?

You’re probably tasting isoamyl acetate, which is an ester created by some POF+ yeast strains, such as hefe (and some Belgian) strains. Either the yeast created it in the bottle or it was there from the start, and something broke down during storage that was masking the flavor before.

Also possible, but unlikely, that some other microbe made its way into the bottles to create the ester, as its precursor is isoamyl alcohol and acetic acid.

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Was the only one that had it… The rest of the batch only lasted a couple of weeks…

Thanks for the feed back.

Sad truth is my wife loved it and wants me to make her some of it…

Perfect excuse to brew more beer! Gotta keep the lady happy!

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Also, therein lies the reason to play with different yeasts too! So many brews to try and to brew, and not enough time. Sneezles61

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