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Banana hell

So I brewed an all grain Belgian Tripel a while back and used the 1214 Belgian Abbey yeast. It attenuated well and dropped from 1.076 to 1.010 fairly quickly (much faster than my first Belgian). At this point I got ansy and bottled it after two weeks in the primary and skipping the secondary.

During bottling the aroma was great but after cracking one open last night, I’m in banana hell! Fermentation temperature was a constant 65 degrees so that’s not the problem. It’s either normal to this yeast or the secondary would have done some magic that would have been undetectable through gravity readings.

Would these flavors have cleaned up with more time in the primary/secondary?

I’ve never used 1214, but have read that it can produce a lot of banana and clove. Apparently the banana will age out, but it’ll take months, not a week or two of secondary. If you keep the bottled beer at room temp rather than in the fridge, the aging will go faster.

That’s pretty normal for 1214 and is why I avoid it. For some reason, culturing from a bottle of Chimay gets you a yeast that’s a little more restrained in the banana.

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