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Baltic Porter (ProSeries,Smoke) Re-pitch?

I have had Smoke in secondary now for 7 weeks lagering @ about 32-34 degrees, I’m planning to bottle this in a week. I’m questioning if I should add some yeast before bottling this 1,because of the 8weeks of lagering 2, because this beer is over 8% abv. Anyone done this recipe with good or bad results either way?

Never made that beer, but adding yeast at bottling won’t hurt. At worst you’ll have a bit more sediment in the bottle.

Like MRV said, won’t hurt. FWIW, I brewed the regular Baltic Porter kit back in April, lagered for 6 months, naturally carbed and it carbed up fine. It’s easily the best lager I’ve made to date.

I would reyeast using the same yeast used in fermentation, if you have any. You could also make sure to pick up a bit of the yeast at the bottom of the fermenter when you rack to the bottling bucket.

Thanks for the input, I do have washed yeast from primary. Is a good rule of thumb for re-yeast is to use about 1/4 of original yeast, and still use same amount of priming sugar?

That would be enough to do a new batch. I’d add about a tablespoon to the bottling bucket, and stir it in well. You only need a little bit of yeast to bottle carbonate. For dry yeast, they suggest 1/4 of a packet.

S-04 is my go to bottling yeast. No need to add more than 1-2g.

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