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Baltic porter bacteria?

I’ve racked a Baltic Porter (nb’s extract kit), followed all the instructions, decent sanitation (starsan’d everything for the right amount of time) and it’s in it’s 2 mo long aging. Ready for bottling Dec 28 (it’s Nov 16).

My questions are:

  1. Does it really benefit from that long of a wait and if so why?

  2. There is the slightest greyish film on the top of the beer - not uniform and kind of oil-slicky in spots and grouped together and more opaque in others. Is that bacteria? Or normal?

Are there visual signs of infection?

(Never had an infected batch out of my dozen so far)


  1. Yes. Dark beers age very well. Be patient.

  2. Sounds normal. You’ll be fine.

can you take a picture of it for us?

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