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Baltic Imperial Rye Porter

A Dark Black Brew that does not hold back!

All ingredients can be had through Northern Brewer.

Boil the following:
MM Rye Malt Syrup 3.15 lb. bottle
Muntons Extra Light DME 1lb.
Briess Blackprinz Malt - 1 lb. crushed
Weyermann Chocolate Rye - 1 lb. whole
English Crystal Rye Malt - 1 lb. crushed
Briess Pale Ale Malt - 1 lb. whole
Crisp Amber Malt - 1 lb. crushed
Brewing Salts - 1 oz.
Water 5-8 Gallons.

Add near the end of the boil:
Apollo Hop Pellets 1 oz.

Add at the end of the boil:
Bitter Orange Peel - Tablespoon (Optional)
Star Anise - Tablespoon (Optional)

Dry Hop with:
Crystal Hop Pellets 1 oz.
Saflager S-23 Lager Yeast

Ferment for 2-3 months, prime & bottle.

Note that Lager is a Cold Fermenting Yeast, though I used the most heat tolerant Lager available. Last Winter (January-March) was cold enough.


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