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BALTIC brewing

Are there any BALTIC brewers out there? BALTIC being Bag and Lauter Tun In Combination.

Curious to see if there are others out there using this method to increase the efficiency of a BIAB batch with only a little extra effort.

I’m assuming your referring to what Shadetree refers to as MIAB (mash in a bag). There are times when I’ll use my bag within my brew kettle for mashing and others I’ll slap it in a cooler. The only real difference is the means to mashing out…heating the kettle vs adding hot water to raise the grain bed temp.
i’ve found it easier to mash out in a cooler vs biab in the kettle, if there’s top up room just add a couple gallons of boiling to hit 168…if there isn’t drain off a couple and heat that up.

Both ways the lowest mash efficiency i’ve had has been 72%, with 75% being fairly regular. This last batch I got a bit more serious about mash ph on a 1.044 gravity brew and hit 81%…overshoot gravity so I diluted the batch by around a half gallon to knock me back down to 44.

So my position is, whatever works for you with minimal effort.

You mean putting a bag inside the mashtun instead of a manifold, then sparging?

It goes BIAB, grain out of bag, into tun, sparge, sparge, sparge, boil.

[quote=“cj18”]It goes BIAB, grain out of bag, into tun, sparge, sparge, sparge, boil.[/quote]Seems like you’re doing work for no added benefit. Why not just line the MT with the bag and skip the transfer step?

Oh yeah, BIABGOOBITSSSB. Ya coulda just typed the acronym…everyone knows what all acronyms mean.

Kidding, except about the acronym part. Sounds like you’re doing more work than it’s worth.

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