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Ball valve question on a megapot

Just use my new 10 gal. brew kettle today for the first time. My question is do I have to remove the ball valve from kettle to clean every time after brewing?? Or can I just spray the heck out of it with a hose???

Wanting to brew again in the morning and I want to clean it the wright way…


You could put 1g of water in the kettle with some PBW/Oxy. Have your tubing on the valve and open it, keeping the open end of the tubing above the water line. The valve will fill with the PBW solution to help clean it.

Run a small bottle brush through it if you like.

thanks nighthawk consider done .

thanks again.

Run a small bottle brush through it if you like.[/quote]

I use a small brush, and flush it with plenty of soap + hot water, and I have a three-piece valve. I think it’d be rare that you’d find people who take apart their valve, disassemble it, and clean it after every single brew.

My approach on cleaning my kettle is to keep it as clean as dishes and kitchen pans. A sanitized kettle is not necessary as your boiling wort does a good job killing the bugs. That doesn’t meet that a dirty kettle won’t lead to problems or bad flavors.

If you would eat out of your kettle, it is probably good enough.

Don’t tell my wife, but I do a better job cleaning the brew kettle than the dinner dishes.

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