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Ball valve install...need all threads in?

I just got a Polar Ware brew pot in preparation for my first brew this weekend. I’m trying to install the ball valve and plug for the thermometer port, and I can’t get all the threads in. Similarly, I also got a 1/2 inch barb to put on the ball valve, and I can’t get that threaded all the way either. Even tried all of them with no Teflon tape (I know it needs it) to see how far I could tighten it and had basically the same results. Probably 75% threaded using a wrench. Is this normal and OK?

Yes, that’s pretty standard. I don’t know that I’ve ever gotten all of the threads in, on any pipe-fitting project.

Be careful when you’re fitting pieces together without Teflon tape - you could gall the threads and ruin them.

You’ve got a Polarware for your first batch? That’s awesome. I started out with a 3-gallon enamel canning kettle, and finally moved up to a 10-gallon Polarware a few years later. My wife bought it for me (with the ball valve and thermometer) and it’s been the best gift ever. It should serve me well for a lifetime.

:cheers: and good luck on your first brewday!

Yeah, the threads are tapered. You don’t want them to bottom out. Like El Capitan said, be careful not to gall them. SS is notorious for that.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

My wife actually just got me Northern Brewer’s deluxe starter kit for my birthday, so I started reading a lot about brewing and decided I wanted a good 10 gallon pot to start out right. The starter kit was a total surprise. I can’t wait!

Well, you’re definitely on the right track. What are you brewing?

The Caribou Slobber that came with the starter kit. But I’m already thinking about what will be next. I’ma big fan of Belgians (goldens, strong ales, dubbels, triples). I think I’m going to need some more fermenters in my future to have a couple going at once…

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