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Ball Lock vs. Pin Lock

I have a draft setup with a D Coupler. I am thinking of getting back into home brewing which I did nearly a decade ago. Apparently 5 gallon ball and pin lock kegs have drastically increased in price, with pin being moderately cheaper. What am I missing that pins tend to be cheaper? What will I need to do to change my coupler to connect to cornies?

I have ball lock corny kegs. I think I chose them because they have a slightly smaller diameter foot print so I could fit 4 in my upright freezer more comfortably.

The only other difference I know of is ball locks have a pressure relief valve standard and I don’t believe pins do though you can buy a lid with a prv for them.

Put barbed swivel nuts at the end of your draft line. Here: ... -k163.html

Then you can use these mfl connectors: ... l-liq.html. ... l-liq.html

Also buy these and you can switch quickly back to commercial couplers: ... 4-mfl.html

What’s nice about the swivel nuts is that you can switch quickly between ball lock, pin lock, and commercial kegs.

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