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Ball lock is stuck!

New to kegging and my disconnect on the beverage side will not release. Is is normal for it to be so difficult to connect and disconnect to the the ball-lock posts? What can I do to get this free? I’m afraid if I pull any harder, I might break something…

I’ve had stubborn ones from time to time, but the most common cause of a really stuck ball lock QD is putting the beverage QD on the gas post, or vice versa. The gas post will usually be a straight six sided hex with a notch/line in the middle of one hex, or it will be 12-point star shaped and the beverage side will be straight six-sided. Just make sure the moveable locking collar on the outside of the QD is pulled up and wiggle and rock until it comes off. It’s a pain but it will work loose.

I agree with the above advice. You might just have to get a little nasty with it. Have you tried cursing? :wink:
Are you using any kind of lube on your posts?

Cursing is most definitely the answer. I hate when I accidently put one on the wrong post. It goes on easy, but so hard to get off.

Some of my stronger beers tend to have sticky DCs. I hold and pull up with one hand and gently pry with a screwdriver in the other, seems to give after just a second.

also make sure you are using CIP Film on the posts

I also use CIP in my taps to keep them from sticking

I’ve used the open end of the 7/8" wrench under the qd to pry it up.

This is what I use.

Pull really hard, they normally release. Next time try so keg lube on the posts, that seems to help me.

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