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Bairds Maris Otter Malt

I ordered some Thomas Fawcett Maris Otter but the place was out and I got Bairds as a substitute. I brewed with this stuff for the first time yesterday, made 15gal of best bitter. What struck me the most was the amount of protein, it was a real mucky mash. I usually only see this kind of amount with pils malt. Made for a slow runoff. I checked the Midcountry website and found Bairds has a max protein of 10.8%, vs Thomas Fawcett’s 9.5%. I can really tell the difference. We’ll see what it tastes like though. The wort was fairly clear and I didn’t do a protein rest, probably should’ve. I’ve had clarity issues with TF MO too though.

Just thought I’d throw this observation out and see if anyone else has similar experiences with various Maris Otter brands.

I’ve had haze issues with MO in the past and a protein rest seems to have solved the problem. I know you’ll get feedback saying that a protein rest is useless but it worked for me. Since you omitted the protein rest I’d chill it down in a secondary as low as you can get it before it freezes and then add gelatin to try to drag down any potential haze causing compounds.

I also had to purchase the Bairds Maris Otter, MidCountry was out of the Thomas Fawcett. Did two brews with it and found no difference. I recalculate the mash with a pump for about 10 minutes with no sparging issues and got very clear wort. When I transferred to primary, secondary as well as kegging, all transfers were clear.


I’ll have to try vorlaufing with my pump next time. I normally just run a gallon or two out into a pitcher and pour it back over, until the wort clears. Actually had to stir and re-vorlauf on the sparge. I usually have more problems with the sparge sticking than the mash itself. Maybe some of that was my crush, it was quite fine. In spite of the protein level, I did get my usual efficiency. I was pleased about that.

I’ll evaluate the beer for clarity and consider using gelatin if its real cloudy. I usually don’t worry too much about a little haze in a bitter, although a dry hop and fining in a bitter makes for very nice flavor.

10.8 isn’t that high when it comes to protein. Look at most American 2-row type malts, they’re 11+ most of the time.

I suppose not, I was just looking for a reason why there appeared to be so much more protein gunk in the MLT on this mash that was mostly Bairds MO. Possibly this lot was higher, I was quoting general numbers from the MidCountry website.

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