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Bailey's in beer

I was enjoying some Bailey’s and then was really wishing I had a stout instead and then started thinking about brewing a Stout with Bailey’s. Anyone have any advice, experience, suggestions regarding using a liqueur such as Bailey’s in the brewing process (mini-mash)? At what point should it be added? Brewing? Fermentation? Bottling? Any concerns to keep in mind regarding the creme content of Bailey’s? Amount to use? I’ve brewed and added a liqueur potion at bottling in the past. Just wondering what the possibilities would be and I have no problem with following any recipes anyone can recommend.

The cream is going to raise hell in your beer, I think.

What I would be tempted to do is make an Irish Cream Stout. Make a milk stout with all of the flavors that are in irish cream (coffee, chocolate, vanilla, almond extract, and whiskey). I think this could end up being really good if done right. will probably take some trial and error, given the large number of ingredients.

The way I’d go about this is make a tincture of the extracts in the whiskey until it is where you want it. (You can even add this to cream to taste to make sure it is what you’re looking for.) Once this tincture is good, then you can add this to your milk stout until it has the taste profile you’re looking for.

In my limited experience, I’d say Wahoo’s on the right track. Bailey’s itself is such a distinct flavor and I cannot wrap my head around adding it to any beer as is. Just my thought.

I agree with these guys. Thinking back to my irish-car-bomb days, the bailey’s starts to clump up and float on the surface if it sits too long it, pretty gross looking, and all that fat in the cream might ruin head retention. If I were you I would brew up a nice dry irish stout and just add baileys to your glass.

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