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Bad yeast?

can dry yeast go bad? i used 1 pack the day i got it and it worked fine in my cider. had to repitch my beer with a pack a week later and it did not work and now im rehydrating some for my mead week and a half on and its doing bupkiss.

Sealed and refrigerated, the rule of thumb is that dry yeast will lose 4% viability per month.

If you had (or think you had) a stalled fermentation, there’s no reason to think that dumping in a packet of dry yeast would do anything. When the dormant yeast hit the sugar- and alcohol-laden solution, more than half of them will die, and the rest will stay dormant.

The only reliable way to restart a stuck fermentation is to pitch an active starter.

the beer im not so worried about as its almost to fg anyway but i was planning on making my mead today and the yeast seems to be doing nothing in the starter

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