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Bad tank?

I have two regulators one that is a year old the other a pretty old one rebuilt. No matter what one I use I cannot control the low side for dispense. The pressure flies to over 60 psi. Is it possible the tank is bad? I’m at a loss.

No, it wouldn’t be the tank. Unless your getting close to totally out of liquid, then I have seen low side drift up towards 20PSi, but 60…?? This makes me think the reg/s in question have blown diaphragm’s. Most times it happens when the pressure is wide open. As/ in set to 60+ PSI.

Make sure you have no line/s going off the regs, start by dialing both out “two turns etc…” Until you can feel the screw getting loose, but not too far as to remove the screw. Hook up a reg to the tank w/ the keg/ low side valve/flow open. Now dial it up, is it steady at 60 no matter the operation??? Then its a diaphragm and/ or spring. Yes possibly in both units.

They are easy to fix DIY. Reg kits come with everything you need to reman.
If this test doesn’t show a gain from zip to 30+ PSI etc… And simply jams up to 60+ with the set screw out to “zero” Then post a pic of your reg/s and many of us can show you a parts explosion for your type/s.

It’s just mind boggling. I took both devices apart. They looked okay. I cleaned and reassembled them. I guess I could rebuild the diaphragms. I’ll post a photo of each ASAP…

Photo of older regulator…

You have an older taprite which has an internal overpressure valve.
Most rebuild kits come with this valve and the diaphragm assm.
I also think I see a hole in the bonnet, I would think this might be part of your problems.


Thank you! Here is the other.

The second one is a kegco 542 “pro”/ “premium”. Per the sellers I have seen on looking at this type of reg, the pressure relief should be opening at anything over 45PSI applied to low side.

So how you are showing 60 if it is lowered to nil is still making me question if you have an open system (no backpressure or no check valve) when testing runup. As the unit should be opening the relief valve also then. As mentioned in the thread below a good cleanout/ pull on the relief valve under pressure, keg lube etc… might fix it?

I cannot remember for a fact but the “big” three that have been selling regs for a couple decades. (Taprite, Cornelius, Norgren)have pressure relief at 40-60 PSI. So the same comment said about the kegco applies with the taprite.

Here is a thread on some of the kegco probs. ... ndex2.html

You are on your own with the kegco as I don’t even see repair kits, parts explosions or commercial tech information anywhere either as noted in this thread I posted from HBT. I have not even seen one of these regs until you posted it.

These guys always know there stuff when it comes to anything draft. I would call and work through the problem with these folks as they can more readily diagnose the issue over the phone. They also sell repair kits for the big three and both corny and taprite kits are like $12, norgren kits are more like $40. Just a note for future purchase if ever needed, I have owned both a corny and taprite reg for over 10 years and have never had issue or need to repair. I do like my corny better though as the company is located in my state. :mrgreen:
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