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Bad Idea to Reuse Harvested Yeast from a High Gravity Beer?

I harvested some 1272 (American Ale II) from my black ipa, which was 1.075 OG, and was wondering if reusing this yeast for the Little Bear Session CDA (1.040 OG) would be a bad idea?

I had read it is not ideal to reuse yeast from a high gravity beer above 1.070 (I read this in the book “Yeast: A Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation”).

Has anyone had success or problems with reusing yeast from a high gravity beer to ferment a lower gravity beer?

Cheers; Thanks!

Although not “officially” recommended to reuse yeast from above 1.060, 1.075 is about the upper limit for me. If it was me, I’d take part of it and make a bit of a starter with it. Maybe 1 or 2 qt.

Thanks Denny! I will make a big starter and see what happens.


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