Bad gauge on regulator?

I bought an used regulator from my coworker a couple years ago, and it was a little beat up from the moment I got it. I’ve struggled for a couple years to get consistent results force carbing beer. A response to one of my whining posts a while back suggested that maybe the gauge is off on the regulator, and that’s why I keep coming up short with the volumes of CO2. Given the physical state of the regulator, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been abused to the point of malfunctioning, but for now I don’t have any other options. Does anyone know of a way to test the pressure in the keg to see if the gauge is doing its job correctly, or some other means of troubleshooting?

You could use this: ... -P715.aspx

Set your regulator to appropriate psi, wait a week, and test it. This should give you an idea of how far off it is.