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Bad Crush?


Typically I have good efficiency esp when I do an overnight mash which i did yesterday. However the last two orders I have placed from NB my efficiency has been way down by 7-10 pts.

3-4 weeks ago I did the Brickwarmer on my buddies system which he also typically hits his numbers. Off on that one.

Then Yesterday I got my “Dead Guy” clone kit I put together. Recipe I went on said and OG of 1.061 I came in at a rocking 1.052. I checked it with my refractometer and Hydro. Same result. Hit my Mash 152 number and 10 min Sparage 175.

Is it possible I got a bad crush? Or am I just really good at brewing session brews?

I did NB’s Bourbon Barrel Porter before these two and was way over my OG I think I hit 1.065 or better.

I have the round iglo tun with false bottom.

Ideas? Observations? :?:


crush is vary important for good efficiency. I went though this with my LBS where the crush was bad, they thought I was nuts, but when I made them change there gap I got 10% better efficiency.
there should only be less then 10% unbroken kernels when crushed properly IMO. keep in mind that not all grain has the same size kernels and with all grain the size of the kernels has a range. the smallest one may not get broke when going though the mill and this should only be about 10% if the mill is set right. Now we get into the problem with stuck Sprague’s, which is why I think the brew shops don’t set there gaps tighter, everyone runs a different mash tun and some get stuck easier then others. then there’s the different grains that crush up better though the same gap. all and all it can be a nightmare for the brew shop to please everyone.
One thing I have done to get better efficiency is to raise the mash water ratio to 1.75 qt. per pound of grain when doing batch sprauge , this of course may change your P.H. but that’s another topic.
Crush is the easiest why to get better efficiency! look at your grain and make sure there are not to many un cracked kernels , it makes a big difference .

A few years ago there were quite a few posts on here about poor efficiency using grain crushed by NB. Seems to be a chronic problem and I don’t know if they ever corrected it. The next time you can ask them to run the grain through the mill twice. That seemed to help some people. Eventually you should think about getting your own mill.

I found myself always coming up short on my OG so I began milling twice. The second time is so easy it takes just a few minutes to do it. My OG jumped over ten points. Just Do It. :cheers:

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