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Bad carbonation, need options

I have two batches that I bottled close to a month ago and so far there seems to be the slightest, smallest carbonation to the point where its practically not there entirely. If the carbonation didn’t work correctly, which I can’t seem to understand why as I followed the directions plain and simple, can I use fizz drops to resolve the issue? I was hoping I could uncap and recap after dropping a fizz into each one of them and then storing them for another week or two.

Can this be done correctly?

A fizz drop or a sugar solution can be added to a beer because of a carbonation problem. Usually it is not the lack of priming sugar that is the problem. Most likely causes are a high original gravity beer just takes longer to carbonate or the bottles are stored too cool. Another cause could be reusing twist off cap bottles and the CO2 is leaking out.

Some more details on what you brewed and the amount of priming sugar used will help. Also ambient temperature of the area you are bottle conditioning in.

A long time ago, I found that I mixed up the cleaning/sanitizing solution too strong… I believe it killed all the yeast, didn’t rinse off the bottles… Sneezles61

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