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Bad brew? water help

I made my first kit from NB and followed the directions but something is bothering me. After you cool your wort the instructions said add cold water and i did cold purified tap water from a sanitized container. Did i mess up? Should i have pre boiled and cooled the water? If so the instructions did not say to do that.

You should be just fine. The wort was 212 degree F when you added the water and from my understanding anything over 160 degree F will kill most harmful pathogens.

With that said, did you do 2.5 gallons for your boil then top off to 5 gals (an additional 2.5 gallons of cold water)? If so I highly doubt that 2.5 gallons would have dropped that wort from 212 degrees to anything under 160 degrees. Long story short you are fine.

Also you mentioned that the water was purified so I imagine that you’ll be ok.

The most important thing to remember is sanitation and temperature.

It sounds like you had both covered. Most critical mistakes are when the sanitation is not properly done with the fermenter; i.e., the fermenter was not properly sanitized and a bacteria or mold infection took place. In this case it does not sound like you need to worry about that.

What temp did you pitch your yeast at?

Let us know how it turns out.


The water was in the carboy (2 gal), then added cooled wort around 95f-100f. Then toped off with about about a gal of cold purified tap water from a sanitized container. thanks for the help

when i say purified water I mean filtered water from a Pur filter.

You’re fine. The wort is usually what will get contaminated first before the H2O. What you did is actually the correct method for “topping off” the fermenter.

I would suspect that you are 100% fine.

In any case, keep me posted on how the brew comes out.

ok i feel better thanks.

I don’t sanitize my water. It comes from the tap (through the fridge). If my tap water introduces an infection in my beer, I’ve got bigger things to worry about than 5 gallons of bad beer.

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