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Bacon Smoked Red Ale - Krausen Question

I brewed a batch of the Bacon Smoked Red Ale and the instructions call for two weeks in the primary and two weeks in the bottle. I waited the two weeks and when I popped the top off the primary the krausen had not fallen. Never had this happen before but I am only on my 4th batch of brew so I am a newbie. I bottled the beer as the instructions advised. So, am I going to have bottle bombs or did I screw this batch up by bottling it too soon?

Did you take a gravity reading to determine FG and to confirm it was stable? Hard to tell without that. Funny thing about yeast… they can’t read a calendar very well… seriously let the beer tell you when its done fermenting, not a calendar.
As far as the yeast, some have a krausen that just won’t drop. This is fine as long as its done fermenting. You can rack underneath the krausen.

I did not take a FG due to the Krausen being on the top like it was. Wasn’t expecting that. I used the White Labs - California Ale Yeast. I guess we will see. Have learned something new with every batch I have brewed so far.

Might want to consider storing those bottles in a rubbermaid tub to be on the safe side.

The beer has been in the bottle for a week now. Is it safe to open the closet door yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

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