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Backsweetening Graf?

I made the ‘Homebrew forum’ recipe for Graf. One gallon of lightly hopped beer to 4 gallons of apple juice.

I don’t know if it’s because I used cheap Walmart applejuice or what but it is totally missing any sweetness! It smells great. It tastes like sparkling apple cider with no sweetness…

Because it’s already fermented and kegged, could I come back and sweeten it, say with a gallon of super sweet juice to 4 gallons of not so sweet graf and have it come out alright? I’m totally thinking about experimenting.

Seriously thinking about adding (just for the F of it) a gallon of some flavor of Hawaiian punch or something to give it some sweetness. Right now it’s totally blah, but the aroma and carb is right where it should be. It just needs a bit of sweetness.

Thanks for any heads up or advice.

Since it is kegged I would add potassium sorbate and back sweeten with some thawed, frozen apple juice concentrate. This is how I do my ciders. Add some and taste until you get your desired sweetness because it is easy to over do it.

Thanks! I will try that!

I agree. When all else fails, the concentrate works well.

I just tasted the graf again. Haven’t done anything to it yet. I don’t have Potassium Sorbate but can order it. Is there an amount I should use?
Maybe I’ve had too many R&C’s (ha) but that graf is like right on the cusp of being great. It’s got the apple aroma, and there’s just a hint of sweetness but it’s definitely not where it should be sweetness wise.

I’m going to order some in the next day or so, I just don’t know what or how much I should add (Pot Sorbate). I’ve never used it before? Does it come in pills like Whirlfloc or does it come powder form? Will it truly keep the graf from re-fermenting? Again, it’s already carbed up and in the keg for a week.
Also, you said don’t add to much concentrate. You think I could get away with like 1/4 to a half of a can of apple juice concentrate without making it too sweet or should I add it slowly and taste test after adding the yeast inhibitor?

The potassium sorbate I have is in granule form. It will DEFINITELY prevent refermentation. I have made probably 10 batches of cider without issue of refermentation. You will want to use 1/2 teaspoon per gallon. Add this first, then add the concentrate.

As far as an idea of the amount of concentrate, I use 3 cans per 5 gallons in my cider and it is SWEET. I would suggest starting at 1 can (assuming you made 5 gals) as I do not know:
a) How sweet it already is
b) YOUR idea of

Make sure your concentrate has thawed for easier mixing. The way I do this, since it’s kegged is to pop the top, add it, then roll the hell outta it!

Sorry for the long time in between replies. I appreciate your advice and am waiting for my PS to arrive on Tuesday. I will do as you say and mix in 1 can of concentrated apple juice and see what the dealio is. Can’t wait!

Thanks for the advice guys!

I currently have my second batch of graf fermenting at the moment. I thought it was interesting enough to try it again, though my first batch was a little drier than I would have liked. I’ve often wondered if perhaps increasing the amount of crystal 60 from 1/2lb to 1lb would help out with the sweetness. In the mean time, I’m going to just keep experimenting…

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