Back to Brewing:)

Been a hectic month with Thanksgiving, deer hunting, etc. and not brewing fun for almost a month. But that changed this weekend. Kegged Oktoberfest, Kegged Pilsner, Brewed a British Dark Mild and Brewed “the innkeeper.” Still to go today - keg an english brown ale and Brew an Oatmeal Amber ale. Great to get back at it!

An excellent sentiment sir!

I have a number of beers as well that need some attention. I’ve got a wit that needs packaging, a bw that needs racking, a mead that needs some fruit, and a marzen that will need to packaged, which I will probably do sooner than I should, lol.

It looks like you are looking forward to a Christmas full of beer and a New Year with the same! And I heartily concur.