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I just hit my cider with some potassium sorbate. I want to add apple juice concentrate to it too sweeten it up and give it some more apple flavor. I used a dry wine yeast and apple juice so its pretty dry and not much flavor. I was wondering if I should add this right now while its bottled or wait til its ready to drink. Would it change flavor if it sat with the cider mixture for a length of time?

I would add the concentrate before bottling. Just don’t go too crazy with the amount or you could end up with bottle bombs. I plan to try adding concentrate to some of my cider this fall – I’ve never tried it before. I plan to use 1 can concentrate per 5 gallons. Not sure if that’s right, but it seems sort of the standard amount if I’ve read everything right. You won’t lose any flavor or aroma this way – it all stays in the bottles. People have won competitions before using concentrate as the sweetener.

Thanks for the info. Its already bottled so im not sure if its okay to pour it all in a bucket to sweeten and the bottle again? I will taste it in a few weeks to see if thats what I want to do.

You could do that, but it’s kind of a pain in the rear if you have it all bottled already. Something to consider for next time around, though, I would think.

Did you ever get around to adding the concentrate? If so, howd it turn out?

Lazy as I am, I have not yet bottled my cider. I keep saying “maybe tomorrow” over and over and over. I’ll try to remember to respond here when it’s been done.

I’ve just started drinking a batch that I added two cans of concentrate before bottling, also re-yeasting with D-47. It has carbed up nicely.

That was 2 cans for 5 gallons? I hear 1 most often.

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