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Back on island

After relaxing. And my wife happy. Nice to see my friends and fam. Lots of beer. Food. Buy new music. Me back on island. And back full swing diving. Arived monday. Wanted a brew. Pfff co2 tank empty. Buy tuesday 2 new tanks. Now me off friday and sat. Time to brew


I am happy for you living on Bonaire. My wife and I have vacationed there three times, each trip was about two weeks. We stayed twice at Harbor Village and once at The Plaza. The island had some of the best restaurants I have visited and of course the diving is great (sea horses and frog fish). Bon Bini

Yeah nice place to be bonaire. Next time you take a trip to bonaire. We brew at my house. Harbour village a nice place to stay. Me do work at cap don habitat. At the moment lots of. Frog fish around. Even the restaurants sell. Ipa now

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