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Back into it

I am diving back into brewing after about a 10 year hiatus, going to start with the Dead Ringer extract kit but a few things I am not familiar with. Namely the 2 stage fermentation, does this require a second carboy? It sounds like it would. Also, I saw someone mention they used conditioning caplets to enhance carbonation - is this a recommended approach? Looking forward to getting going again!

A lot of people don’t use secondary nowadays unless they want to harvest yeast right away or to free up a primary fermenter. You’re better off just leaving it in primary for 3+ weeks and then to bottle/keg. I’ll do it every once in a while if I’m going to be bulk aging or cold crashing for a long period of time.

I brewed the Dead Ringer a couple of months ago. Dry hopped in the primary after three weeks. Hops in the primary for two weeks. Getting my rotator cuff repaired added the extra week of dry hopping. Excellent beer after four weeks of warm conditioning.

Three more kits being delivered today.

Sounds great… i will give it a shot!

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