Back into brewing and still sniffing airlocks!

Hello fellow brewers!

My name is Jeremy and I am an airlock sniffer!

I was brewing for a few years and stopped in 2010 to get through nursing school. Just getting back into things and what fun!

Currently I have made 15 gallons of a Wit (all-grain), 2-hearted clone (all-grain), and a hoppy red (extract)!

Just wanted to say hi!

Welcome back!

I only sniff after dry hopping, but I understand. I’m a pt transporter at a hospital. In fact, I’m at work right now, but let’s keep that on the DL.

Very cool. I work at the VA Hospital and pt transporters are a HUGE asset.

Nothing like getting some work :cheers: done at work!

Welcome back, I am an airlock sniffer too. Can’t get enough airlock…

I had a hiatus from brewing several years ago, its always good to get back to it. I find it to be a hobby with lots to learn and its something to do that gets me off the couch, while not being overly strenuous.