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Back at it

Just wanted to post and say Hello to everyone. I was on here for a while when I was brewing, but I moved to a new house and never set up my brewery. Well, I have the brewing bug again and I converted half of my shed into my new brew space. Just placed my first order with NB in over 2 years for all the little odds and ends I need to complete my set up.

Looking forward to being on here a lot more and talking about great beer with fellow brewers.

So what’s first up on the brew list?

I am thinking a lighter brown ale. Probably Jamils Nutcastle, then after that will be NB’s Innkeeper. I have never had it, but after reading all the rave reviews on it here I have to try it out.

Pic of my partially done 5 gal AG brewery, still have to plumb and wire it.

Same here, Mark! I haven’t brewed in a long time, and just reassembled my brewery. Also, we live in the same town!


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