Babble Brew-Off 2013

Annual BABBLE Brew-Off homebrew competition. Beer, mead, and cider entries from any homebrewer accepted.

Judging will begin promptly at 9 AM on February 23, 2013.
Registration and drop-off are open until 6 PM February 16, 2013.

How to Enter

Entry fee is $6 for each entry. Each entry consist of two (2) unlabeled 10-12 oz glass bottles with bottle forms attached to each bottle using a rubber band. Swing top or corked bottles are permitted but discouraged. Bottles with raised letters or any kind of identifying markings are also discouraged. Bottles with glued-on or taped-on labels will be disqualified. Printed caps are acceptable but any printing must be marked out. Entry fees for disqualified entries will not be returned – please follow the instructions. Checks should be made out to BABBLE.

We will start accepting entries on Monday, January 14. Registration and drop-off must be completed before 6 PM on Saturday, February 16. Out of town judges may walk-in their beers but only if they were pre-registered by the deadline. Late entries will not be returned, though the checks will.

To enter and learn more visit

Can we drop off entries at Northern Brewer in Minneapolis/St. Paul? …The Grand Ave one to be specific.

I didn’t see them listed, but I figured I’d check before I spend money on shipping.

[quote=“sidepart”]Can we drop off entries at Northern Brewer in Minneapolis/St. Paul? …The Grand Ave one to be specific.

I didn’t see them listed, but I figured I’d check before I spend money on shipping.[/quote]

Hello, unfortunately we did not secure them as a drop off location. Noted for future reference!

Thanks for the heads up. I shipped two entries at the 11th hour :slight_smile:

The interesting thing is they are the same two beers I entered in Final Gravity’s strong beer competition that will be judged on the same day. It will be neat to see the difference in score sheets on two beers judged on the same day 800 miles apart. :slight_smile:

You Babble guys gonna email us judge-sheets, or just mail em? Thx

Just got an email that score sheets and ribbons are in the mail.

And since it’s been more than 200 milliseconds I’m going to assume that means postal mail :slight_smile:

Thanks CapnJb. I gotta say - Babble was prompter than your average comp, in sending out the hardcopy judging forms and prizes.

Prizes? I got a 1st in my category and a 3rd in BOS and I didn’t get anything other than my score sheets. :frowning:

Well, I’d call them, then; because they gave me a beautiful ribbon.

Sorry… I did get two great ribbons (one for the category and one for BOS). When I saw all the great stuff they got from sponsors I was hoping something would accompany the ribbons. Maybe next time :slight_smile:

seems as if a few years ago, comps would send you “beerbling” with your ribbons/medals. You might get a bottle opener, poster, or sometimes even more items. For the past two years, it would seem comps have adopted the policy of: “no bling unless you attend the comp, festival, etc, Then we’ll hand it off to you.”

Maybe it has to do with shipping costs, or something.

I would say, that different comps offer widely varying “prizes.” – I recently entered Badger Brewoff, which was advertised as “ribbons and prizes will be awarded.” Low and behold, I placed in a category and received a colorful paper certificate with a cute badger on it. Lame. On the other hand, if you enter Hoppy Halloween, you may score a sweet handcrafted medal. If you win at Babble, as you know, you get totally awesome ribbons, but no bling.

Nice job on the BOS. I’ve only ever got one of those, and a "second place BOS. You should get something extra for that, if the world were truly just.