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B3 - 2100 for Sale - Reduced price

Hi Everyone,

Hobbies have changed and I need to say goodbye to my B2100 Brew sculpture. Asking $2K for the system. Local pick-up only (01450 zipcode)

Used just a few times, the system has been sitting idle for a number of years now. The overall condition is like new, but needs a few missing parts (listed below). The frame is steel and based on the prior generation of sculptures and has the taller, thinner 26 gallon kettles. The system has full digital controls and is in working order. A few items are missing that you will need to purchase to get the system up and running, but compared to a new sculpture (>$5,000), I think its a great deal for someone looking for B3 system.

Below is a list of items that are missing.

  • 2 pumps
  • Misc. tubing and fittings (have some, but not a complete set)
  • HLT heat exchanger leaks (came from B3 like this) but the immersion chiller can be used in its place or you can try to fix the HLT exchanger if you’d like to give it a shot

Have a look at the pics. Email me if you are interested or would like additional info/pictures. ... /2100_Sale
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