Azacca Pale Ale

So I am thinking of brewing up this new kit that NB has put out and I had a question. I am a new brewer, long time drinker of craft beer and I am excited to get into brewing my own! What I want to know is, if I want to add either fresh mango or frozen mango, should I add it directly to the Primary or should i rack it in the secondary?? I’m not trying to have a overpowering taste of mango, just bring out that flavor a little more. Also, for sanitation wise, should I leave the fruit in a solution or would it be better to leave it submerged in some vodka?? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

I’m getting ready to re-brew a Mango Habanero Cream ale that was a hit last summer.

Check this thread for what I did with the mango:


Good luck and post up the results.