Azacca Pale Ale, can I do a Full 5 Gal boil?

Got the Azacca Pale Ale kit and was surprised to see the late additions of malt extract and DME at 15 min left of the biol.
Not being used to brewing 2.5 gallons and topping off with fresh water to achieve the 5 gal, I am wondering if this is essential to achieve the final product, and/or if 5 gal boil will mess up the recipe?

I have my setup cleaned and sanitized waiting for some input from you brewers here.

Just got off the chat and found out a full boil is preferred. They just assume the extract brewer does not have the room for the entire volume boil.
As for the late malt additions at 15 minutes left, this is to insure no carmalization or scorching of the malt. Keeps the beer lighter in color.
Hope this helps others as it did me.

I think there is also a difference in hop utilization to consider if I’m not mistaken. If I’m right, hopefully someone with a little more experience will chime in.



fiquere a 15% reduction in hops doing a full boil…but its up to you…use em all if you wish…Tank :cheers:

My concern was hop utilization also. But more malt concentration causes poor hop utilization, correct?
Then 3.15 Lbs of malt extract at the beginning would be a larger concentration in a 2.5 gallon boil. So I should achieve better results in a 5.5 gallon wort. At the 15 minute mark they add the additional malt and the next hop addition. At that point I would still have less malt concentration in my 5.5 gallon boil than the 2.5 gallon boil. And all my water touches the boil.
Correct me if I am thinking wrong.

Brewing this kit(extract) right now, full boil adding an extra 1lb of plain extra light DME (for s@#ts and giggles). I started doing full boils about 6 recipes ago and follow the hop schedule as is, all have turned out great. I will check the all grain version to see if it’s different but usually not. I contacted NB about full boil differences when I did my first full boil, they said that all the kits were design for full boil but the instructions were setup because the majority of extract brewers don’t have big enough kettles (which I didn’t for several years).