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Awesome Thank you

Just received a respected badge and I’m all teary eyed. My wife thinks I’m just wasting my time on internet forums. This will show her. I’ll be checking the mail every day.


You’re welcome.

Can you print it out and apply to a hat for the game tonight? Show all about you, of your pride! Sneezles61

Now I got a nice topic award. You guys are awesome. The only thing I ever won was a sausage once in a raffle at the country Fair.

I’m not touching that one!

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How old were you when you received the sausage?

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Come on don’t sully my memory. It was a German sausage tent and i spun a wheel. I was about five yrs old. I brought said sausage home and my mom cooked it. I was proud to help feed my fsmily It was a nice break from cut up hot dogs in beans we normally had for dinner.

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