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Avery Brewing Maharajah Clone

Hey all,

Im sorta new to brewing and and still getting comfortable with NB extract kits. I would really like to make a clone of my favorite brew from Avery Brewing in Boulder, CO. “The Maharajah” Here is the recipe per the brewmaster at Avery:

Pale 2-Row – 93.8%
Victory Malt – 3.1%
C-120 – 3.1%

60 min – Columbus (13.9% AA) – 1.09 oz
30 min – Columbus (13.9% AA) – 1.09 oz
0 min – Centennial (13.9% AA) – 2.18 oz
0 min – Simcoe (11.4% AA) – 2.18 oz
Dry-Hop – Simcoe – 4.38 oz
Dry-Hop – Centennial – 2.18 oz
Dry-Hop – Chinook – 2.18 oz

Yeast – California
Ferm Temp – 68F

Can someone recommend an extract substitute or maybe a partial mash? I’m just not ready (equipment wise and mentally wise) to take on all-grain just yet

Cheers :cheers:


Try our host’s gold lme. With an OG of 1.090 I would use two 6 lb jugs and a 3.15lb one. Steep ~0.5lb of C120 as per usual and follow their hopping regime. I would use two packs of us-05 or a huge starter of WY1056.

Use some sugar in place of the LME else you are likely going to finish with too high of a FG. Suggest 1# and then use only 2# of the smaller jug.

Btw I think the hops schedules they post don’t necessarily translate very well as they get better utilization and also employ a lengthy whirlpool. But I would try the recipe as is first and then compare the two and make adjustments on a second attempt.


Good advice by blatz re: sugar in place of lme additions. Also, you can get better hop utilization by a late extract edition. Add one 6lb jug @ 60 min and the rest of the lme & sugar @ 15 or 10 minutes. This would allow your wort to come to a boil again before the flame out additions and would pasteurize your malt.

In lieu of a whirlpool, try a hopstand. Add the flame out hops, take the kettle off the burner and put the lid on and let everything steep for 20 min. Then chill like normal. This would give you some bitterness from the late hops without driving off a lot of the desirable aromatics of the 0 min addition.

If you give it a go let us know how it turns out.

Thanks guys. I will order my stuff and let you know how it turns out in a couple months.


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