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Autumn Amber Brew

Hey guys

I just got done bottling my autumn amber extract kit that I got from Midwest Brew. I fermented it for about 3 weeks maybe 3 1/2 weeks. I had it fermenting around 68 degrees for the majority of the three weeks but the last couple days it got a bit warmer and bounced up to 70-74 degrees and then down again to around 68-70

When I tested it after 2 weeks it tasted good but before I bottled it after the 3 1/2 weeks I tasted it and it had a bitter after taste to it and tastes worse than it did before. Is this normal? Did I do something to mess it up?

Any info is appreciated



Can you describe the "bitterness? " Is it bitter as in hop bitterness or as in a solvent type way? Can you describe how it feels in your mouth / on your tongue?

Thanks for the response

Im kinda new to this so maybe I dont know the difference yet but its a bitter taste at the end; a bad after taste. It was just weird to me that it tasted good at first then a week later when I bottled it, it got this bad, bitter taste

Well its green and uncarbonated. Until its carbed and aged don’t judge it.
Astringency can be deemed as “bitter.” For your extract kit it can be caused by over steeping grains or allowing the steeping grains to get over 170°.
Oxidation can also give the sense of increased bitterness. Likely this is your issue since it keeps getting worse.
Water with high chlorine levels can cause medicinal flavors which too can be perceived as bitter.
If its caused by an infection you’ll know over time.

Thanks for the help. Hopefully the taste gets better as it ages in the bottle

Yeah, I don’t pass judgement on any beer till at least 6 weeks from brewday.

Also when you say you tasted it after 2 weeks, was this 2 weeks from brewing? Maybe that sample had more residual sugars than the later sample?

Hey BrewingDan

Yea the first taste was two weeks after brewing day. Im hoping that everything is alright. I guess im freaking myself out because this is my second brew im making and my first was a Hefeweizen and it did not turn out good at all. It had a really bitter, harsh after taste. Hoping I didnt make the same mistake with this one!

Thanks for the help

Can you describe your process? Did you use the same water source? What is your water source?

I used the same water source which is from Lake Michigan ( I live in the Chicago area).

Maybe try brewing a batch with distilled water and see what happens. Tap water high in chlorine/chloramines can cause off flavors of medicinal or plastic.
Or you could get your brewing water ready the day before by allowing a 1/4 campden tablet dissolve in the water. This drives off the chlorine/chloramines.

Hmmmm good tip. Thanks for the help!

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