Auto Siphon Troubles

I seem to be having problems with the auto siphon. I am on my third batch and each time I have used it, I give it a few pumps and some comes out but then immediately stops. I have to keep pumping it and this causes bubbles in my beer. I know bubbles and foam are ok before fermenting, but not after. I just racked my batch into a secondary fermenter and it happened again. I couldn’t stop at this point, so I just kept going. Eventually I got it all in, but it was exposed to air for about 8 minutes and the wort is all foamy. Needless to say, I am feeling very frustrated because I feel that this batch is now going to be bad too. I haven’t read one single product review where someone had this problem. Your thoughts and suggestions, would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

What size hose are you using? If it’s not a very tight fit over the siphon inlet it’ll suck air and lose vacuum.

Please tell me that you have the receiving vessel well below the level of the starting vessel? Like your primary is on a table and your secondary or keg is at least two feet lower on the floor?

This was my first thought. You need the gravity to create suction to get it too work.

I am using the one that it came with, from the starter kit I got. I bought a larger pump for the larger carboys and the plastic racking cane is the same size. It seems that because its wet from being sanitized, that is what’s causing the lack of a tight fit. I didn’t want to dry it off because I was thinking about it being completely sanitary. And yes, I do have the two carboys at different heights for gravity reasons.

start out with the pump end raised (extended), as you insert the autosiphon into the beer. after you have penetrated the surface, push down on the pump. You may have to repeatedly pump it.

You may have started out with the pump not-raised, in which case it will cause bubbles after insertion into the beer.

The wet should help more than hurt the suction. It take mine 1/2 a pump to start flowing fine.

I love my SS racking cane. I even start it with my mouth. :slight_smile: ... d-classes/

There you go, a classic video from our old friend Dawson! I think it is the third video down about racking to a secondary. Check it out, make sure everything looks right.

Disclaimer: I didn’t actually take the time to watch it, but just remembered it being around.

Any chance the rubber seal has cracks? If you store the pieces together the seal can crack easily.