Auto siphon/racking cane smell like glue

I used this racking cane 1 time…and cleaned right after use…I quess the water used was too hot and caused the glue to melt and now it stinks like glue…Did anyone ever get this? Should i worry about it leaching into beer?..I am not going to buy another plastic auto/racking cane…Should i just siphon like gas and sanitize the end with everclear?

I used to use the auto syphons, have since switched to a stainless racking cane. I use a sanitized piece of hard tube to put into the end of the hose that i’ll start the suction with.

Nothing personal man but you don’t want your disgusting mouth anywhere close to your unfinished beer! Human saliva is the last thing you want coming in contact with it! Have you tried a soak in PBW for the racking cane? Then rinse in reasonably hot water? I would think if your hands can take it the auto siphon can.

I used to do that…I use the old fashioned technique now of filling the siphon hosing with sanitizer and my thumb over the end to start the siphon.