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Australian pale ale

Thought I’d share this recipe for an Australian pale ale from a local brewery in Gippsland Victoria

Name: Gippsland Gold pale Ale

GrainBill : 4.0kg Traditional Ale malt
140g Joe White Crystal malt
14g Joe White Roasted Barley

5.6 g Pride of Ringwood 90mins
11.2 g Pride of Ringwood 60mins
11.2 g Sticklebract 15mins
7g Sticklebract 0 mins

Wyeast London Ale 1028

Mash at 67c for 1 hour, Sparge as usual.

Suggested to aim for OG at 1048
Ferment at 16c for 12 days then transfer to secondary, keg or bottle when done.

This recipe came straight from the brewer a few years back and may have gone through some changes since then but not so sure
When compared to the original side by side they looked close. and the taste was similar if not a little smoother.
Thanks for reading this post

Enjoy a Great Aussie Craft beer

Oh and this is for around 20lt (5.2 gal)

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