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Aunt Patty's coconut sugar

I noticed this today in the organic section of a supermarket and was wondering if anyone has tried it. The label describes it as having caramel like flavor.

Sounds good. Check to be sure it doesn’t have fat/oil in it. Check the nutrition label for this.

Will do. It’s a bit spendy, but might be worth looking into if it goes on sale.

I bought some never ended up using it in a beer but did use it in iced tea. The caramel flavor is very stronge, in a gallon i think i used 1/2cup regular and 1/2 cup coconut and it came out overpowering and odd tasting.

At the natural foods market here they told me it was the same as palm sugar. I’ve used it in a couple British beers. For a sugar I thought it was sort of creamy. I liked it.

That’s what I was thinking.

From the description on the label of how it’s produced I agree.

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