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Assaazination Time?

I got my “limited edition” Assazin recipe kit Thursday (which took WAAY too long for NB to ship!)
My yeast starter is progress; almost crash time.
I’m planning on brewing tomorrow.

Anyone else planning this brew?

No one?! Well, I feel like a tool now.


Not gonna brew it since I hate saaz hops! But that doesn’t make you a tool. :lol:

I’m planning on brewing it next, but both my primaries are full at the moment. Life has been getting in the way of moving my Houblonmonstre Tripel IPA to the secondary.

now thats just the craziest thing i’ve ever heard. Do you also hate vacation, sunshine, money, rock n’ roll and puppies?

I also hate Columbus and Chinook hops Pietro. Unfortunately they are very popular in IPAs so I can’t find many commercial examples I enjoy. :evil:

Man that sucks, I love those hops.

Ha! Bells Two Hearted. All Cent all the time. Probably one of the few single-hop beers I truly love.

I feel like Dale’s has very limited danky hops, but still a big hop profile.

Granted these are APAs, but based on ABV, they are on the low end of IPA.

I also think Thornbridge Halcyon is an amazing IPA with no dank hops. English interpretation of AIPA.


Update: brewed it and hit the OG, 1.050. 2 weeks primary, 3 weeks in secondary, bottled at a FG of 1.011 13 days ago.

The head was a bit thick, not sure if I over carbed or if it will stabilize in another week or two, but there was a surprisingly rich thick head. Tons of bubbles in the glass. The mouthfeel is a bit light, but the recipe is well balanced. The saaz hops teams up very nicely with the Ardennes (3522) there’s good flavor of spice from both, but the saaz isn’t too earthy and the yeast isn’t too fruity.
I generally have low expectations for my samples after only two weeks, so I only chill one for me and one for the Mrs.; unfortunately the one bottle I chilled for my tasting didn’t last long enough for more detailed tasting notes, but this could end up as my best and favorite extract recipe.

I’ve made a SMASH with saaz and ardennes a couple times that looks pretty similar to this recipe. I love both so figure this one should be great.

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