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Asheville NC Brewery Recommendations

I’m heading to the Asheville, NC area in a few weeks with my oldest son. We’ll be on motorcycles and staying about 30 minutes southwest of town, so won’t be consuming heavily but we want to check out some of the breweries while there. I’ve never been to Asheville before so any recommendations would be helpful.

Greenvile S.C. has Thomas Creek Brewery that’s pretty fun. I stopped there a few months ago and enjoyed talking with the owner and local people in the tap room. It’s about An hour south of Asheville.

Wicked Weed is frigging insane. I tried to get in there a couple weeks ago, but there was a wait just to sit at the bar. I’ve never seen such a damned zoo before in my life. I stepped in, looked around, and turned right back around and left, it was so bad. I’m sure the beer is good, but won’t be tasting it there. I picked up a few bottles down the street instead. Much easier that way. Also picked up some Green Man, I haven’t tasted any of these yet though. Been on call for work the past week so I haven’t had the chance. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow…

I think you should consider getting an uber or some other form of transportation back, at least once during your stay. You need to afford yourself to opportunity to drink as much as you like because there are so many micros there in Asheville. And they are so close together. Map them out and you can walk to many of them, within just a couple blocks of each other.

My personal favs were Twin Leaf, Green Man, and Burial.

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We’ll be there weekend of 7/16 for the Funk Asheville beerfest. The beer scene in Asheville alone is worth the 3.5 hours is takes us to travel there. Some breweries worth checking out in town: Both Wicked Weed brewing locations ( The Funkatorium is the newest location and has some incredible sours on tap) / Burial brewing / Green Man brewing ( Just opened up a new location ) / New Belgium brewing just opened up a new location over looking the French Broad river that is beautiful. A little out of the way but Sierra Nevada’s brewery in Mills River is like a beer museum It’s an experience to say the least. Pisgah brewing is worth it as well but a little outside Asheville. Enjoy it ! Cheers

Resurrecting this thread after 2 years to see if there are any newer breweries/recommendations from the forum, as we will be going there this Fall for about 5 days, give or take.(Thanksgiving week)

@dannyboy58 how was your experience?

Thanks for the resurrection Voodoo. I too will be visiting Asheville soon but sadly for only one friday afternoon. So I need to make it count!



I went a couple of months ago. Didn’t hit too many breweries other than a couple right downtown. Sierra Nevada has a big place outside of town. If you want to do their technical tour, sign up online before you go on the trip.
In town and hotels there is a local brewery guide that lists the 130 breweries in the area.
Bars downtown have tons of local beer on tap.

I would definitely park the bikes for a day, either uber to town or get a hotel room for a night right there. So many different beers to sample. Great eating too.

I newver made it there. We ended up finding a cabin in Tellico Plains, TN and riding East Tenn back roads for a few days. Good beer was scarce…much PBR was consumed outside the door of cheap motel rooms while fighting off dragon sized mosquit…it was a bike trip…it’s about the journey, not the destination…

I do want to get to Asheville soon though…and there was another thread…Heading to Asheville NC early April

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