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Ash flavor

I recently brewed 2 beers about a month apart, first one was a vienna/centennial SMaSH, next was a DIPA with 1 lb of Vienna in it. Both of these beers taste like ash to me
The SMaSH was so bad I had to dump it (after a few weeks) I just tapped the DIPA and it has a hint of the same ash flavor.
So now I’m wondering if this is some kind of sanitation/infection issue? I used some us-05 slurry for both beers. Or was there some kind of problem with the vienna?

I’m not sure I know what ash tastes like, but…

Yeah, could be contamination. Where is your yeast slurry coming from? How has it been stored?

Is it possible you might have any permanent contamination in hoses, plastic buckets, rubber gaskets, or other soft materials?

I’ve been keeping the slurry in sanitized mason jars. 2 different kegs, can’t remember if it was the same primary. Guess I’ll toss the yeast and start over, pretty discouraging

This is a pretty common off flavor from my experience but I haven’t tasted it in a long time. The ash taste comes from leaving your beer for a while at a big party and some azz ashes his cigarette in your beer because there isn’t an ashtray. You come back and drink it. The solution, in my experience, is getting a better class of friends.


I’m at a loss for ash. Usually that is present in beers high with black patent malt. Likely that was not present in your grist.

With that, I suspect poor yeast. How old was the yeast? Did you proof it with a starter?

You have alot of things that are in common in each brew… Water, yeast, some malt and the equipment you use… There may be some other stuff too… I’m not a fan of dumping… But… try alter it with calcium chloride ? Gypsum? Even table salt? Sneezles61

With both brews the slurry was less than a month old and I did not use a starter. I kegged another beer yesterday that I made with wyeast 1318, and no vienna. Tasted great, so that rules out my equipment I guess.

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Do you use a garden hose to clean. Or collect water for your brews. This sometimes gives funky flav. But indeed. More a yeast issue


I do rinse everything with my garden hose right after brewing or racking, but everything else comes from a deep sink. The other beer I’ve got on tap is fine so guess it must be the yeast

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